Gino Noli


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GO!, July 2011, page 143 (GO! is a South African Travel magazine)

What’s the story? This little book gives a brief history of the German diamond fields of the Namib Desert. The author blends the personal memories of “the last diamond era old-timers” with what has already been written on the subject.

The focus is on Kolmanskuppe (“The Acropolis of the Namib”), where proper diamond fever broke out in 1908. Noli brings the characters and intrigue of what is now a ghost town back to life. He also looks at places like Pomona and Elizabeth Bay, and provides insight on the current state of the Namibian diamond industry.

Who would like it?
It should appeal to anyone who is interested in diamonds (aren’t we all?), but is recommended reading for anyone planning to experience Kolmanskop first-hand.
                                                                       - Erns Grundling